Major sports achievements as a result of preparation carried out for the following specific competitions-objectives.

Team sports


SS. Lazio Calcio Calcio Calcio crisis intervention, 2010 Serie A salvation goal reached

Hernán J. Crespo football champion

Érik Manuel Lamela football champion

Alberto Aquilani football champion

Matteo Cancellieri, striker

Santiago Gentiletti football champion

Nicolás Burdisso football champion

Diego Perotti football champion

Leandro Castán football champion

Santiago Gentiletti football champion

Mattia Perin goalkeeper, football champion

Federico Viviani football talent

Francesco Fedato football talent

Aleandro Rosi football talent

Volleyball and Beach Volleyball

Ivan Zaytsev volleyball champion

Lube Volleyball Macerata, Italian champion

Hubert Henno volleyball champion
Simone Parodi volleyball champion
Michele Baranowicz volleyball champion
Marko Podraš?anin volleyball champion
Bartosz Kamil Kurek volleyball champion
Virtus Roma women’s volleyball play off goal Serie A reached, Italian Cup final 2006-2007
Virtus Roma Women’s volleyball play off goal Serie A reached, Italian Cup final 2006-2007
Marta Menegatti and Viktoria Orsi Toh Olympic Beach Volleyball Athletes.


Silver World Rowing Championships Eton 2006 (crew 8+)

Silver World Cup Rowing Monaco 2006 (2 athletes in 4-)

2 Gold and 1 Silver World Under23 Rowing Championships Monaco 2006 (3 athletes in 8+ and 4+)

Gold World Junior Rowing Championships Amsterdam 2006 (crew 4+)

Bronze European Rowing Poznan 2007 (crew 2-)

C.C. Aniene 6 Italian Titles, 3 Silvers and 3 Bronzes from 2005 to 2007 with Crews Rowing

C.C. Aniene 2 Team Swimming Championships 2006 and 2007, 50 Italian Titles, 33 Silvers and 25 Bronzes from 2005 to 2007

Other sports

Daniele Cavaliero Italian national basketball player since 2009

Tennis C.C. Aniene Silver Championship Series A1 team tennis 2008

Lazio water polo goal salvation, reached play offs Serie A1 2009-2010

Individual sports


Federica Pellegrini

      • Gold Collar of Sports Merit
      • 11 World Record 200-400sl
      • Athlete of the Year 2009 and 2011
      • 4 golds 200 and 400sl World Championships Rome 2009 and World Championships Shanghai 2011 (first woman in the world)
      • Bronze 400sl World Championships vc Dubai 2010
      • gold 200 and 400sl World Championships Rome 2009
      • Gold 200sl and 5th place 400sl, 4th place 4x200sl Beijing Olympics 2008
      • Bronze 200sl World Championships Melbourne 2007
      • Gold 200sl and Bronze 800sl European Championships Budapest 2010
      • gold 800sl European Championships Eindhoven 2010
      • Bronze 4×50 mixed European Championships Eindhoven 2010
      • gold 200sl European vc Istanbul 2009
      • gold 200sl European vc Rjieka 2008
      • gold 200sl and bronze 4x50sl European vc Rijeka 2008
      • gold 400sl, silver 4x100sl and bronze 4x200sl European Championships Eindhoven 2008
      • silver 400sl european vc in Debrecen 2007
      • Bronze 400sl European vc Helsinki 2006
      • 2 golds 400sl and 4x100sl Mediterranean Games Pescara 2009
      • 45 Italian titles and 12 podiums from September 2006 to December 2011

Alessia Filippi

      • Silver 800sl, 5th place 400mist and 4th place 4x200sl Olympics, Beijing 2008
      • Gold 1500sl and Bronze 800sl World Championships, Rome 2009
      • 2 Gold 800sl and 400mist, Bronze 4x200sl European Championships, Eindhoven 2008
      • 2 Gold 200ds and 800sl Mediterranean Games, Pescara 2009
      • 9 Italian Titles 2007-2009.

Filippo Magnini swimming

Beatrice Cocconcelli swimming

Lisa Fissneider swimming

Paolo Bossini 2 Silver medals 200 breaststroke European Championships Budapest 2006 and European Championships vc Trieste 2005, 4th place 200 breaststroke World Championships Melbourne 2007

Alessio Boggiatto 2 Bronze 200 and 400m European vc Trieste 2005, Silver 200ms and Bronze 400ms European Budapest 2006

Luca Marin 7th place 400ms World Championships Rome 2009

Beatrice Adelizzi Bronze synchronized single and 5th place doubles World Championships Rome 2009, 5th place single and 6th place doubles Olympics Beijing 2008

Nicola Cassio Gold Worlds vc Shanghai 2006 (4x200sl relay), Gold European Championships Budapest 2006 (4x200sl relay), 8th place 200sl Worlds Melbourne 2007

Edoardo Giorgetti 2 Silver 200rana European vc Rijeka 2008 and Mediterranean Games Pescara 2009, 12 Italian Titles and 14 podiums from 2006 to 2011

Caterina Giacchetti Bronze 200 Dolphin European Championships Budapest 2006


Carolina Kostner

      • Olympic Bronze, Sochi 2014
      • Bronze World Figure Skating Championships, Saitama 2014
      • European Figure Skating Gold, Zagreb 2013
      • Silver World Figure Skating Championships, London 2013
      • Gold World Figure Skating Championships, Nice 2012
      • European Figure Skating Gold, Sheffield 2012
      • Bronze World Figure Skating Championships, Moscow 2011
      • European Figure Skating Gold, Tallinn 2010
      • 6th place World Figure Skating Championships, Turin 2010
      • Silver Italian Figure Skating Championships, Bolzano 2009

Rachele Campagnol, Skater

Athletics, Fencing, Dancing, Horseback Riding

Alex Shwazer Gold 20 km march European Championships Barcelona 2010

Igor Cassina gymnast
Mauro Fraresso athletics – javelin thrower
Matteo Galvan athletics – sprinter
Pier Giorgio Bucci blue national equestrian champion in show jumping
Diletta Di Benedetto 2-time bronze medalist at the Italian Women’s Karate Championships.
Alice Volpi
Mirco Risi & Maria Ermachkova World renowned dancers
David Moretti e Francesca Sfascia World-renowned dancers.

Motor sports

Simone Grotzkyj Giorgi 125cc MotoGP rider 2011
Fabio Di Gianantonio world motorcycling pilot
Simone Corsi world motorcycling pilot
André Negrão pilot GP2 series
Eddie Cheever driver GT series

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