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Art is Inner Expression more than anything

Art is a very broad discipline, nowadays connected to the world of entertainment and media. The Artist, often considered today as a VIP (singers, actors, painters, architects, dancers, TV presenters…), is someone who has to find within himself/herself continuous sources of inspiration, and must then be able to express themselves in a very effective and dynamic ways, suitable for modern times.

Preparing for optimal expression and adapting to the medium required to achieve the artistic gesture/performance becomes crucial to achieving audience acceptance and, over time, success. But the artist must also be concerned, while adapting to the demands around him, to be at peace with herself and her own Inner Form that is, with her own artistic identity, the foundation of an essential inner serenity.

Through the Funnel Technique and by working on the following specific mental and behavioral aspects, it is possible to prepare the inner world—one’s own soul and mind—for the modern challenges:

  • Identifying and “empowering” artistic content
  • Progressive construction of one’s artistic identity
  • Techniques for “modeling” artistic gestures (motor, vocal, expressive)
  • Emotional Control of disruptive and positive artistic emotions
  • Audience Management and Artistic Communication
  • Stress Resistance
  • Inner Balance pre – performance
  • Success Management.

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